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  よこそベニスへ , 1 02 1499:   Alla presenza de Doge si scopre per la prima volta l'Orologio della Torre --->>

Venice weather and tide forecast | Lagoon Boats |Venetian Cuisine Recipes | The Venice Carnival

Venezia ObServer

NEW! Venice Guide to Main Places of Interest

Venetian titanium hand-made jewelry

Photopoetry by William Vitali on the Esposti鐃s Madonna in Venice

The Defence of Venice by Rev. Reuben Parsons, 1893

Illustrated page about ship traffic impact on the Port of Venice

Illustrated page: the Madona de la Salute


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よこそベニスへ IMAGES
a pictorial photo gallery

Archimede Seguso Murano Glass

Venice に

ヴェニス地図や ヴェネチアサービスや ベニスイベントや ヴェネツィアホテル いろいろ役に立つ情報があります. うちの イメージバンク ではたくさんハイレゾリューションイメージがあるし, ジュエリー, 芸術, 旅行についても説明します. ヴェネツィアの歴史, ボート, 問題についてわかりやすい内容が豊富です.

ベニスが大好きなインターネットユーザーズのコミュニケーションコミュニティです. その他にミーティングプレースだから皆さんは自分の詩的な意見か政治的な意見を述べることができます. Venezia ObServer とフォーラムには 自由に御自分の意見を書いてください (書留は簡単ですよ).

ObServer の記事はイタリア語で書いたのにサイトでは色々な国言葉を話せる人が多いから母国語で書いてください. 来客芳名録には 皆さんからも御自分のインプレッションなど有りましたら教えて下さい.

Venezia Doc and Venezia Log

Venezia Doc and Venezia Log

Information about Venice History and Actuality

Archive of Venice actuality articles and images since 1999
ObServer || VeneziaDoc
Collection of essays and sources to enlighten the History of the Republic of Venice
Collection of Traditional tales and Curiosities about Venice
WordPress Venetian Blog

Documentary for the "Report on Flood-tide in the Lagoon of Venice". December 2010.

A new heavy menace for Venice comes from the upheaval of the tide balancing, aside the already published one comeing from Sulphur and nitrates.
The report by Sartori about the modification of the Lagoon tide balancing due to 50 years of senseless interventions has been published in ObServer.

Venice’s Ebooks

Report on flood-tide in the<br>Lagoon of Venice, 2009

Report on flood-tide in the
Lagoon of Venice, 2009


How 50 years of insane
hydraulic interventions
in the Lagoon of Venice
have ruined its
multi-secular artificial balance

Monitor Version 4,5 mb
Printable Version 8,3 mb
Storia Morale di Venezia, ebook

Storia Morale di Venezia


100 pagine per comprendere il presente di Venezia

Project to Save Venice

Project to Save Venice


NEW! English version with Map hyperlinks

Monitor Version
424 kb


The "restauration" of the Mori’s Clock


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Printable Version
6,9 mb

Interview of WangBo Tao from China Central Television with Umberto Sartori about sulphation and the Venice Public Health Committee

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